A prototype for a Doom/turn based tactics game hybrid. The game loads resources from Doom engine compatible  .WAD files. By default Freedoom2.wad is loaded, and the game will fully work, but if you have the either the original Doom.wad or Doom2.wad you can load that before starting the game to get monsters from the original games.

Only 1 map is available and the win condition is simple: grab the red keycard and get all your (still living) marines to the exit.

Walk over weapons and items to pick them up. When you pick up a weapon of different type the old one will be discarded.

Enemies activate when you enter their line of sight. They will also activate any other enemies they see.

Doors will open automatically when you attempt to walk through them.

Camera controls: LMB to pan, RMB to rotate, mouse wheel to zoom.


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Very impressive. I like the idea of using Doom levels for a turn based strategy. Thanks for sharing it.